Functional Skills are qualifications designed to equip learners with the basic skills needed to function in everyday life. They offer learners – of any age – the opportunity to study English, maths, and ICT in a more practical and ‘hands-on’ way, and apply knowledge to life, education, and the workplace.

Widely introduced in September 2012, and developed by the Government in a bid to improve the country’s English, maths, and ICT skills, Functional Skills can be studied as stand-alone qualifications, or as a ‘stepping tome’ to GCSEs. Functional Skills also form part of Apprenticeships, Diplomas, and Foundation Learning Programmes.

The four-step Skills Anytime Functional Skills process helps learners to identify their weaknesses, and improve their skills in order to successfully complete Functional Skills qualifications.

The Skills Anytime Process for Functional Skills

The Skills Anytime Functional Skills Process Outlined.

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