Skills Anytime is an interactive eLearning tool designed to help anyone – of any age – improve their English and maths skills.

Powered by the UK’s leading provider of eLearning solutions for schools, colleges, and training providers, Skills Anytime works by identifying the gaps in your knowledge, then giving you the resources you need to improve.

A fantastic cost effective and convenient alternative to hiring an English tutor or maths tutor, Skills Anytime allows you to access learning anywhere and at any time. There are two pathways within the Skills Anytime process (GCSE and Functional Skills), each designed to give you all the support you need irrelevant of your age or ability.

How does it work?

Skills Anytime works by breaking up learning into easy to understand bite-size chunks, giving you the freedom to work through it at your own pace. Offering interactive and engaging learning for people of all ages, the flexibility of the online platform means that you will have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. All course materials are wide-ranging and mapped to the respective curriculums, giving you the peace of mind that all topics are covered within your chosen course.

By identifying what you don’t know at the beginning of the course, Skills Anytime allows you to focus on the areas where you need the most help, and minimises repetition by only giving you access to the Learning Resources relevant to you.

Covering the whole GCSE and Functional Skills curriculum, as well as ESOL levels, Skills Anytime is a fantastic, cost-effective alternative to hiring an English or maths tutor, and as it is fully-hosted online, it is much more convenient. 

Over 20 years' experience in the global education sector has allowed us to accrue a plethora of knowledge on education and the best way to improve individuals' skills to help them achieve outstanding results.


You’re in safe hands

Did you know that Skills Anytime is hosted by Amazon Web Services – the same system used for the shopping retailer Amazon? And as it’s one of the most reliable servers out there, you’re guaranteed a trustworthy and dependable service. Not only that, we process all orders using Securetrading as our payment gateway, meaning all payments are managed securely and efficiently, and we never retain your credit card details!

Secure Trading monitor our online payment system.

Skills Anytime is hosted by Amazon Web Services


Skills Anytime is suitable for people of all ages.

Age doesn’t matter

Increased internet availability means that there has never been a better time to advance your skills. Whether you’re at school looking to improve your exam results, a mature student seeking to get top grades for progression to college or university, or an adult looking to get your skills up to scratch to enhance your career prospects, Skills Anytime is the ideal stepping stone to help you improve your skills for use in everyday life, work, and study.


Easy to use and simple navigation

Navigation is simple when completing your English or maths course.

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email containing your login details, together with a
comprehensive printable guide to help you navigate the system. You will be prompted to change the password you were assigned when you first log in. if you’re in need of support, a help tutorial can be found on your student home page, and for those subscribed to a GCSE course, you will also be given access to a support video detailing every step of the process. And don’t forget! If you have any problems, you can always email our support team for assistance.


Assessment is the foundation of all learning

Laptop Showing Skills Anytime interface.

To get you off to a great start, assessments help to determine exactly what support you need to boost your skills. We all have some knowledge, but we often only remember the skills we use on a day to day basis. So you may remember how to work out the change from a purchase, but can you work out the value as a ratio or a decimal? And when writing that all-important job application, where should you place that apostrophe? Does it even need an apostrophe? The assessments will identify your skill gaps to generate a course that meets your individual learning needs. After completing each section, you are returned back to your student home page where you simply follow the next instruction shown on-screen. Once you have completed an Assessment, your answers are marked straight away, so you can see immediately where you have gone wrong! 

If you’ve purchased a Functional Skills course, you will take the Initial Assessment to identify your current working level, followed by a corresponding Diagnostic Assessment to identify your skill gaps to enable you to get the help and support you need.

If you’ve purchased a GCSE course, you’ll be directed to complete a Diagnostic Assessment to identify your skill gaps.


A made-to-measure Individual Learning Plan

Skills Anytime provides you with a Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

Once you have completed  the Diagnostic Assessment, the system collates the responses and points you to an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). The ILP highlights the topics you were good at together with the topics you need to practise*.

*GCSE courses only show the topics you need to practise.


You only learn what you need to learn

English Assessment Question

Because Skills Anytime assesses your skills, it knows exactly where your weak areas are. By only giving you access to the resources you need, it minimises repetitions, allowing you to utilise your time more effectively. All Learning Resources use simple animation to provide an easy learning environment, with example self-marking questions to test your new-found knowledge and a pop-out help section should you get stuck. GCSE resources also include narrated video resources which, as well as being engaging and effective in driving knowledge retention, can also be paused or replayed at any time.


Check you’re on the right track (Functional Skills courses only)

Skills Check Mini Assessments are available on Functional Skills Courses.

A key component of the Functional Skills courses are the Skill Checks. These mini-assessments follow on from the interactive on-screen Learning Resources to test you just on a particular topic, to ensure that everything you have learned has ‘gone in’. A score of 75% or higher in a Skill Check results in successful completion of a topic and the system automatically moves you on to the next topic in your Individual Learning Plan.


Get rewarded!

AT the end of your course, you'll receive a certificate.

After completion of your course(s), a certificate of completion is displayed at the bottom of your student homepage. Please note that this is not an accredited qualification, just a certificate to show that you have completed this training.


A full three months' access

Access to Skills Anytime lasts for 3 months.A huge 90 days’ worth of access to your chosen course provides a wealth of time to complete all assessments and work through the resources. And if you’re a whiz and complete the course before your 90 days are up, you can use the remaining time to carry out additional revision!

Still have some questions? Read our FAQs.


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English Anytime has helped me to improve my English skills in so many different topics.

Gemma, English Anytime user

The Skills Anytime products are great! They told me exactly where I was going wrong, then helped me to improve.

George, English Anytime and Maths Anytime user

I found English Anytime and Maths Anytime really easy to use! They have helped me to improve my English and maths skills so much.

Sarah, English Anytime and Maths Anytime User